Trails on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge


The refuge maintains several miles of trails for either hiking or biking. Major recreational activities include wildlife/wildland observation, photography, education, and sheer enjoyment of the outdoors. About half are paved while the rest are open to foot traffic only.

  • Wildlife Loop

    Wildlife LoopThe Wildlife Loop is a 3¼ mile loop around a moist soil management unit and is a great place to observe wildlife, especially waterfowl and wading birds. It is open to walkers and bikers throughout the day, but vehicles are only permitted to drive on it from 3:00 P.M. till dusk.


  • Lighthouse Trail

    Lighthouse TrailThe Lighthouse Trail is a ¼ mile foot path through the woods to the historic Assateague Lighthouse. It is for walking only.


  • Swan Cove Trail

    Swan Cove TrailSwan Cove Trail, which branches off of the Wildlife Loop, is about ½ mile long and leads to the beach. Swan Cove Trail is open to both walkers and bikers.


  • Black Duck Trail

    Black Duck TrailBlack Duck Trail branches off of the Wildlife Loop. It is about 1 mile long and provides access between the Wildlife Loop and the Woodland Trail. This trail is for walking and biking.


  • Marsh Trail

    Marsh TrailThe Marsh Trail is a ½ mile looping trail along the Wildlife Loop. This unpaved trail, open only to walkers, includes an observation platform overlooking Snow Goose Pool.


  • Woodland Trail

    Woodland TrailThe 1½ mile Woodland Trail takes hikers and bikers through a beautiful pine forest and includes an overlook where you can sometimes see wild ponies.

    Most visitors are unaware of the new *Bivalve Trail that lies just off the beaten path of the Woodland Trail. Take this self guided adventure through the maritime forest leading to a section of Toms Cove where you can catch a glimpse of the old livesaving station or engage in clamming.

    *This trail is not yet marked.


  • Service Road

    Service RoadBesides the above trails, foot access is permitted on our 7½ mile Service Road. Cars and bicycles are not permitted on the service road.


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