The 2018 flounder fishing regulations & Tournament

Its March and this is generally when the first flounder get brought in.  Let’s see who gets the first one this year.  Bring it by the tackle shop or send us a picture!  We have in live minnows and a large assortment of artificial and frozen baits.  It’s time for things to start heating up…  We are revamping the website and will have it up shortly making it more user friendly and will be keeping up with the reports on here as well as our Facebook page.

Our annual Flounder Tournament is April 20th to the 29th sign up here

Summer Flounder will be kept the same for the time being Minimum Size Limit: 17 IN.  Possession Limit: 4 per person  Season: Open year-round  Capture Citation: 6 Lbs  Release Citation: 26 IN.  State Record: 17 lbs 8 oz, 1971, Charles E. Cross

In surf action the first black drum usually show up in the Spring around this time mid to late March.  The striped bass are around but this cold spell has had everything a little slow.

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