Chicnoteague Surf Update & Guiness Trophy



The stakes just got higher with this one of a kind “Official” Guiness Engraved Pint for the 2014 Tournament.


It was my first time to the beach for fishing in a while.  I was glad to get back out there with the waves crashing and the salt air.  Good to give the surf rod a good heave just to make sure I still got it.  I got to fish with Gene Brite on a beautiful day out on the Ocean.  It is that time of year everyone is ready to see some fishing reports.  The easiest way is to get more people fishing and we will get a more accurate report.  It has been a late start to the Spring season but the black headed gulls have arrived, and we have been hearing the birds singing away.  Go out there and give it a shot!



Steve Shad caught the biggest mahi in the state last year out of Chincoteague.  Congrats on the accomplishment 50# mahi !



Here are a few more shots from the fishing expedition.  Enjoy!


  1. Is that some sort of Ghost Truck? I don’t see any tracks from it, but there’s plenty of others around!

  2. WHERE ARE THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi. jimmy this is my new e mailadress. Hope you are well

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